Wanted to let you guys know about a trip I took about a month ago scouting for the new Lumen Dei trips here on the plateau.  We took a 7 day scouting trip to the areas we will be visiting this summer.   Traveling at altitude on the plateau during the winter is – well- cold and somewhat taxing.  We travelled over 1,800 miles in 7 days and visited almost 6 differnt locations making sure things would be great for this summer’s Lumen Dei trips.

The opportunities we have here are just amazing.  To give you guys an idea of the opportunities we have here, check out this rap sheet:

  • From where we are staying there are over 60 monasteries from all for sects of Tib. Buddhism in a 50 square mile radius
  • In all of the Plateau, this area has an incredibly high percentage of Tibetans actually living there
  • We will be center around a ancient nomad trading hub
  • The Jani Mani – THE largest Mani stone pile in the world – over 2 BILLION prayer stones there – growing daily
  • Anywhere from 500 – 1000+ pilgrims at the Jana Mani at once
  • Full access to monasteries in Yushu for photogs
  • Incredibly preserved Tibetan culture.

Remember to take a look at PlateauPhotoTours.com for tons of extra info as well as FrontierTreksIndia.com for sign up details.

That being said, I wanted to give you guys and gals a quick look at some of the opportunities that present themselves in the region of the Plateau that we call home.  Shots like these are always exciting considering we spent very little time in these locations.

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