A few of posts back (Lights & Shadows, Colors & Shapes) some folks mentioned that they’d enjoy seeing some of the images in print.  I happened to agree.

I love printing.  Any photographer will tell you that seeing their work in print is always special.  Bringing an image from the abstract (often digital) into the concrete world is a great experience and one that I do on almost a weekly basis in China.

Luckily enough, a while back I had the opportunity to meet up with a few friends who started a fantastic creative and print agency (Moxy Ox).  I was eager to run a few prints through their press especially since they have an awesome set up and wanted to try some ‘experimental’ processes on these images.  We ended up printing on a super -thick paper stock using an ‘Ice Pearl’ paper and a semi-translucent ink which creates a really special effect on the highlights (looks like crystals in the ink, see below images).

They turned out fantastic.  I want to give them away. 

I’m giving out five 12×18 prints as pictured below*.  If you are interested, please do one of the following:

  • Post a comment below saying you’d want one.
  • Write a tweet saying you’d want one and copy my twitter name (@bhirschyphoto)
  • Write a comment on my Facebook page saying you’d want one (here)
  • Write me an email saying you’d want one (here)

I want to be clear as possible, this is a give away which means I expect absolutely nothing in return from you**.  This is not a promotional thing by any means nor am I ostentatious enough to think people really want my work.  This is simply me trying to give something back to people.  You don’t have to follow me, like me, promote me, beg your friends to tweet about me – any of that nonsense.  A free giveaway should be free and that’s what I aim for this to be.  You could hate me and what I do and I’d still add your name as one of the folks who could possibly receive this.  I’m a photographer.  I make pictures.  I want you to have the opportunity to have one if you want without having to jump through hoops.



I’ll be giving away FIVE(5) prints at the end of two weeks.  I will put everyones name in a list and select 5 people at random.  Only five people will receive prints.  I wish it were more.  ** The reason I ask people to tweet, comment, Facebook, or email me is so I know who you are and that you want one – no other reason, I promise.  If you are worried that this is a promotional thing or that I’m a liar, please email me if you want one – simple.  No one has to know!  *** I paid to have these printed, these were not provided to me for free.  I’ll also pay to have them shipped to you if you are are lucky enough to be selected.  FREE IS FREE.

Watching my prints run through the process at Moxy Ox was amazing. I always wanted to know a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes of high-end printing and it was fascinating to spend an afternoon with them.  These guys know their stuff and did such an amazing job with these prints – I’d be a total jerk if I didn’t give them a shout out.  Things prints do look amazing.  Take a quick look at some of the images from my time there.  It’s like a magical wonderland for creatives…

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