About Brian Hirschy Photography

My name is Brian Hirschy.

I’m a creative consultant, photographer, videographer & business owner… and I’ve had a weird career so far.

Currently I manage a media, branding and marketing consultancy focused on the medical industry. We also continue to manage a video production agency.

I have two decades experience in corporate marketing and branding. Previously, I was privileged to shoot for large publications and magazines word wide and have won awards for that work. I also co-founded Plateau Photo Tours, a photography workshop agency based in the Himalaya of which I was the main teaching photographer from 2009 to 2013. I’m very proud to have previously been on staff with LOVE146, a global human rights organization dedicated to the eradication of child sex trafficking.


At one point in my career I was sponsored by the following great companies – and despite having a decade-long-lapse in photo blogging, I still very much believe in these brands and use their gear almost weekly:

Patagonia Clothing
Mountain Hardware Outfitters