Our markets in town are all amazing places to take a camera (and avoid leaving money/phones/valuables in your pockets).  One of my favorites and one of the only places on the planet (that I know of) where you will find Muslims selling Tibetan goods to Tibetans is at our local Tibetan market.  The fact that I saw 4 very unique and individual ethnic groups in one setting is what makes where I live simply amazing.  Depending on whose counting, we have as many as 7 unique ethnic groups in one place.

I spent close to 3 hours today with a student on a photo assignment as well as scouting some locations for a shoot on Friday.  It’s always nice to come home with images you are proud of from a scouting trip – excited for Friday’s shoot (stay tuned)

Some Highlights:

  1. Chinese girl yelling at me in English “My name is China!”
  2. Saw a piece of Tibetan Coral that cost 50,000RMB (~$7,300 USD) ie, more than my first car.
  3. Was told “Your head is really small for you being so big” – I have to disagree
  4. Met a beggar that has – no kidding – “Dreams of studying Chinese Kung Fu”
  5. Was stoked to shoot w/ a student catching on and just “Getting it”

Like I said, it’s nice to scout but at the same time come home with pictures you are proud of. –

Pictures after the break

Hope everyone enjoys.