Over the last few days I’ve been going through shots from a scouting trip I took in January.  First of all, I edited the shots I wanted (or so I thought) almost two months ago and had no intentions of revisiting that shoot other than the occasional sentimental impulse.  So what the heck am I doing editing through and old shot?

I didn’t intentionally sit down, open Lightroom and start looking through old shots.  I hardly ever do that when I’m in a hurry.  This time as I was thumbing through a specific date looking for a specific shot that I specifically knew I had, old shots started popping out at me.  Later that afternoon I couldn’t help but think, “Are there other shots that I just skimmed through?”

See, the brain is an amazing thing – it’s capable of rapidly, accurately, and effeciently sorting all kinds of things and its capable of finding, at a glance, things that stick out to us photographically and artistically – sometimes to our demise.  It’s that efficiency thing that can kill us, isn’t it?  I find that if I’m in a hurry with editing a shoot that I skip over all sorts of pictures that are worthy of my time- pictures that are in some cases more powerful than the ones that got the first nod.

It’s started to make me wonder what I’ve skipped over in the past without even a second thought.  I have no doubt that there are pictures sitting on my hard drive just waiting for a second look.

So in respect for the pictures I’ve skipped and also for looking backwards for just a bit, I’ve posted just a  few “late bloomers” from the bunch.  These are shots that I completely missed when I was sorting through this shoot originally.  Some are just as good, if not better, than the original shots I put together while some were just worth a reconsideration.

What’s sitting on your hard drive?