I love looking back at a six month period and remembering what I’ve been doing as a photographer and where it has taken me.  We always tend to be so busy on the current project or thinking about what we have to do next that we often times forget to look back and see where we have been the last 6 months or even a year.  Since I turned the ripe ol’ age of 28 about a month ago and since I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary this week, I thought now would be a good time to take a look back.  Hope you guys enjoy

I’m surprised at how much I’ve done.  How often do you look back?

In the last six months:

  • I have worked more as a web designer than I really want to – a trend that continues.
  • I have worked on staff for an NGO doing earthquake relief, photography, and design
  • I have had several very close friends die
  • I have had way more conversations with my drunk dry cleaner than I wanted
  • I have broken one Chinese-made bed.
  • I have consistently been 4 times the size of an average Chinese dude.
  • I have witnessed the most annoying sandstorms on earth – and eaten sand.
  • I have frozen my butt of – more than once.  I am butt-less.
  • I have eaten more noodles than…you.
  • I have been married to my wife for three freak’n awesome years
  • I have been to Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Narnia
  • I have travelled by cab, boat, plane, ferry, train, motorcycle, subway, and scooter
  • I have taken two extended trips into remote Tibetan areas
  • I have shot three ethnic weddings in less than a month
  • I have spoken 3 languages that are no my own
  • I have been above 16,000 feet
  • I have discovered that Russians like to be naked at beaches in Thailand
  • I have broken or bruised at least one rib and bleed more than desired
  • I have been amazed at how fast nomads can learn photography
  • I have taken close to 15,000 frames
  • I have spent significant time in temples, mosques, and monasteries – and KFC
  • I have photographed 12 individual ethnic groups and distinct cultures
  • I have had serious altitude sickness
  • I have tried unsuccessfully to purchase, order, or recreate a white seamless setup on the plateau
  • I have had to cancel two Lumen Dei tours
  • I have done a lot more than I thought

Alot can happen in six months.  Check out my last 6 months in black and white after the break