I’d like to introduce you to our 2011 Tibet calendar .  My partner and I have been working on for a few months now and we are stoked to release it.  The images come to you from all over the Tibetan plateau and are definitely some of my favorites.  I’m really excited to get this out since it’s my first calendar and since it’s of a subject that I love so much.  Hopefully (time permitting) this will be an annual thing giving you guys a glimpse of Tibet and it’s awesome culture.

I’m also really excited and honored to mention that a percentage of the small amount of profit we make on these calendars will go to directly help earthquake victims in Yushu through Yushu Earthquake Relief – a highly trusted NGO doing absolutely amazing work here on the Tibetan Plateau and a former employeer of mine {notice the similarities :-D}..

So go ahead and check out the calendar here.

Check out a few calendar entries after the break…