So I’m jumping the gun a little bit here – but who cares, it’s the holidays right?   If you read my blog the other day you will know that I had a pretty busy December.  I spent a few days in Beijing and TianJin (see here) and then I headed to Chengdu and then finally on to KangDing where I spent about 5 days in one of the coolest towns in all of Western China.  It was my intentions to write about each location and post pictures from each of them, but I got ahead of myself and in the holiday spirit I skipped straight to the most exciting part of the trip – a 4 day car ride over the plateau.

Over the course of 4 days I visited the largest nunnery in Western China, a monastery/school with over 50,000monks and nuns, over a dozen 20,000 foot mountains, 8 monasteries,  and some of the most breathtaking landscape in all of China.  The route we took was just under 4 days of travelling and just over 1,300 miles of driving.  Furthermore, being right in the middle of winter, I’d be a liar if I said it wasn’t seriously cold. Well worth it.

I will post specifically on these locations after New Years for all you people craving details.  Each location by all means deserves it’s own post – heck, each location deserves about a week of shooting time, but I had to make it home before Christmas or my wife would have killed me.  Nonetheless, wait just a few days and I’ll post about each location.  Furthermore, sometime in January Ill be posting all the high res images to my Photoshelter account because viewing these images at 560px wide just doesn’t do them justice in my opinion.

Not a bad way to finish out 2010, right?