I’m very excited to finally be kicking of the interview series entitled “I’m a Photographer: Discussions on the life of a Photographer.”  I was fortunate enough to pull together interviews from some really fantastic photographers – more importantly, photographers that are in completely different stages of life and different stages in their photographic careers. All this in an attempt to profile those significant differences and see what we can learn – or maybe what we have forgotten.

The main purpose of this series, as it suggests, is to ultimately discuss/profile/dissect/flush out the different stages of a our careers and what they look like – the challenges, struggles, advantages, disadvantages, day-to-day, and overall wisdom that can be taken away from photographers in different stages.  It’s good to learn from each other, right?

We are going to cover a gauntlet of situations from full-time photographers, to photographers just now taking major steps into making a living with their camera, to photographers who make their living doing something besides looking through a viewfinder.  I’m positive most people will be able to identify strongly with one of these photographers and at the same time hopefully learn from those a little bit further down the road than us.

Over the next few weeks, I’m incredibly excited to bring these interviews to all of you.  In reading through these interviews already, I can tell your there is some amazing wisdom to be found in their words.

In the meantime go check these guys out: