Corny jokes aside, it’s good to get our 2011 Tibet, Everest, Nepal Overland tour started.

It’s been a busy last few days for me getting tons of stuff ready for the trip that kicks off this evening. The good kind of busy. I’ve been able to enjoy a true spring in Chengdu over the last few days versus the lingering winter weather that persists at my home on the plateau. However, I was able to squeeze just a few hours of shooting in with Matt and my new friend Kesh in the other day.

We visited the Wen Shu temple in central Chengdu for a few hours just to wet our appetite.

The WenShu temple is dedicated to the Buddhist representation of Wisdom, Wenshu Pusa (Manjusri Bodhisatva), and contains more than 450 Buddha statues and other precious relics. In addition to the halls and gardens, the temple also has a charming tea house that offers an insightful window of Chengdu life as it is frequented by locals who engage in games of chess, reading, knitting and just chatting with family and friends.