(Hours before midnight on Chinese New Years.  Click image for Pano)

Happy Year of the Water Dragon, everyone!

I love this time of year.  Who wouldn’t? Two million non-professional Chinese citizens legally setting off category 4 professional fireworks at the same time.

Dangerous?  Undoubtedly so.  Amazing?  Truly.

This year I was invited to a few friends party on top of a 19 story high rise apartment in our city.  In years past I’ve hiked up a local mountain and videoed a birds-eye-view of the city from a safe distance.  This year the thought of fireworks exploding at eye level all around me was to much to pass up.  The 2012 New Years celebration was great.  Check out some of the videos, audio, and images from this years celebration.

About a two minute stereo audio of the fireworks recorded on the Zoom H1

[audio:http://www.brianhirschy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/chunjie-1.mp3|titles=Brian Hirschy Photography – Chinese New Year 2012 Audio]

2012 New Years Video

Finally, I wanted to share a look at the last few years of Chinese New Years celebrations. Enjoy!
2010 New Year’s Fireworks

2011 New Year’s Fireworks

2011 New Year’s Fireworks from our apartment

2011 New Year’s Fireworks: Not the smartest thing I’ve ever seen