I continue to have a great time catching up on the last few months of much-needed editing.  Lot’s done.  Lot’s more to go.  I posted the first part of my series here, called Light & Shadows. Part two is appropriately called ‘Colors & Shapes.’  Just to give you a heads up, here is what’s going on with this series:

Last month I visited GonLung Jampaling Monastery in HuZhu county, QingHai, western China.  HuZhu is one of the hidden treasures of western China because of it’s vast and varied minority mix – Mongolia, Tibetan, Muslim, Han.  Just to give you an idea of how confusing things can get in HuZhu, the location we visited was a Tibetan Buddhist monastery composed almost entirely of ethnic Mongolians who spoke Chinese.  Tibetan Mongolian Chinese speakers whose cousins are probably Muslims.  Yeah, exactly.

Part two is meant to stand in strong contrast to Light & Shadows.  One of the interesting things that always stands out to me when visiting these monasteries is how and where the light falls  – through open doors into unlit rooms, underneath the draped prayer flag canopies, and down high alleyways.  Natures light modifiers!  The day that we visited was totally overcast causing just about everything with even a hint of color to vibrantly pop out against the gray background.  I wish you guys could have been there with me, it was so much fun!  Next time, right?

As always, I sincerely hope you guys enjoy the images.