Last week my wife and I sat down to watch the Obama/Romney debate.  I usually avoid watch these debates because I turn into a cynic (and learn very little).  Long story short, I watched it – was pretty much what I expected.  One thing that I didn’t see coming was some of the harsh language against China.

I guess being out of America for so long had left me separated from parts of the politically-changing landscape and public opinion of China as whole.  Now I very much understand the international politics that are involved in a Presidential election(human rights, international trade, pollution, government philosophical differences, etc)  and how these things do need to be addressed in America’s diplomacy with China.  These are all very serious and important issues – issues that justify the term ‘Getting tough on China.”

However, I fear us as humans accidentally dehumanizing the average Chinese person.  It’s no question that I love China, and for the most part, I sincerely love the Chinese – a fact that probably disqualifies me from speaking on such a subject in many peoples minds.  But we should remember this: horrible things happen when we dehumanize other people.

I’ll leave my thoughts there, but state that the innately humanizing ability of photography is one of the things I love about it.  Photography has the ability to remind us of our similarities versus our differences and put a literal face on situations like these.


“When I dehumanize you, I indirectly dehumanize myself.” – Nelson Mandela