I’m really excited to announce our first tour/workshop of 2013.  We will be holding a workshop in one of my favorite places in all of Tibet, Garze prefecture.  Garze has the most unique architecture I’ve ever seen in all of Tibet and the people are relatively untouched by modernization as compared to other places on the plateau.  In 2012 I spent three days driving through Garze and it left such a huge impact on me that I knew Plateau Photo Tours needed to do a workshop here.  We will spend 10 days photographing Garze prefecture.  I’m excited as always to have my good friend and cohort Matt Brandon (The Digital Trekker) on board for this one as well.  All in all, this is going to be a truly amazing trip.

Check out the information and images below:

Garze (also called Ganzi/Ganze) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located in the traditional Tibetan region of Kham in modern day Sichuan province. Garze prefecture has the largest population of Tibetan people of any of the prefectures on the Tibetan Plateau. Full of Buddhist monasteries, pilgrimage sites, grasslands, yak herding communities, farming villages, snow-capped peaks, alpine forests and pristine rivers, it also is full of traditional Tibetan culture that cannot be found in other areas of Tibet.

This 10 day photography workshop will be led by award-winning professional instructors Matt Brandon and Brian Hirschy. After spending one night in Chengdu, China, we will depart for the highlands of the Tibetan Plateau. Our first destination will be the farming villages around the town of Danba. We will spend 2 nights photographing a few small traditional Tibetan farming villages, one of which won  a National Geographic award for the “most beautiful village in China”. After Danba, we will make our way to the mid-sized town of Garze. Garze lies surrounded by snow-capped peaks with many monasteries and yak herding communities in the vicinity. We will spend 3 nights in this picturesque area. From Garze, we will drive to the small nomad trading post of Lhagang. Along the way, we will pass through herding communities that we will stop and photograph. Lhagang has several small monasteries in the region as well as a nunnery. The 5820 meter snow-capped peak of Zhare Lhatse lies close by. After Lhagang, we will go to the scenic prefecture capital town of Kangding before returning to Chengdu.

This tour will take us well off the beaten path to parts of Tibet that few people travel to. We will be experiencing traditional culture that most travelers to Tibet didn’t know existed. Your two workshop instructors will help take you to the next level in your photography skill. You will also have 2 guides accompanying you who are experts in Tibetan culture and history. Not only will you walk away from this tour with an amazing portfolio of images from Tibet that nobody else has, you will come away with a deep understanding of the Tibetan people and their unique culture.

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