Brian is a working photographer living in Western China who has a passion for teaching photography, participating in the growing photographic community, and helping NGO’s in Southeast Asia communicate their amazing stories – all in an effort to actively do good rather than complain simply complain.

In late 2009 Brian helped start a company, Plateau Photo Tours, that facilitates socially-conscious  one-of-a-kind photo tours throughout Tibet – providing socially responsible and culturally non-destructive photo opportunities throughout the region.

Brian’s passion is unique photos of unique places and people of those places while distinctly focusing on the humanity, uniqueness, sensativity, human connection, and creativity that is found in every culture. Brian especially enjoy showing the dichotomy of modernization and it’s effects, both good and bad, on those cultures experiencing it for the first time.  Furthermore, Brian enjoys telling the stories that make people who they are all while providing opportunities for people to get involved in helping others – all while continuing to serve the NGO communities of Southeast Asia.

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Brian is a natural teacher.  Bottom line: I’m sure he wants to earn his living taking photographs, but he could just as easily do it teaching photography… [DDET Read More…]

Brian is a natural teacher.  Bottom line: I’m sure he wants to earn his living taking photographs, but he could just as easily do it teaching photography.  During a recent trip with him to Tibet and Nepal, I and several others felt very lucky to have the chance to learn some tricks and techniques from him along the way.On one occasion I remember vividly, he taught me how to use the histogram on the back of my camera.  Who knew what a simple yet critical piece of photography that is!  Now I always use what he taught me about it: when you’re out shooting and want to know if you “got it” or not, just look at the histogram, worry about the photograph later.  Not only did he clearly and concisely explain the components of the histogram, but he also took the time to look at my shots and histogram, not just show me his.

During each learning interaction with Brian, I felt respected as a novice photographer, listened to, and, frankly, that I was learning something crucial.  Any time during the trip that I felt I had a “silly” photography question, Brian never treated the question as silly.  He patiently and thoroughly answered it and, in doing so, made me feel at ease while also inspiring me to practice my newly attained skill.  What more can a student want?  Brian is very easy to approach and clearly knows photography.  Couple that with his willingness to share his knowledge and experience and you have an incredibly talented and effective teacher.

Thanks so much, Brian!  Your help was hugely appreciated!

– Nicole Redwine – Atlanta, Georgia
2011 Lhasa, Everest, Kathmandu Overland Workshop


Traveling with Brian on his photography workshop through Tibet and Nepal has been the most insightful photographic experience so far in my life [DDET Read More…]

Traveling with Brian on his photography workshop through Tibet and Nepal has been the most insightful photographic experience so far in my life – on top of being one of the most incredible life experiences I have been lucky enough to have.  I have learnt more in the 18 days than I have through my own trial and error since I started taking my camera seriously. The most important thing for me is capturing people in these wonderful places. Brian has showed how to approach, charm and then shoot the people, who before were rejecting me, because I had the wrong tentative technique. Brian’s larger than life, always up beat, passionate and fun way of going about things is infectious. He makes friends along the way as well as capturing truly stunning images. Now I am capturing what I consider rich images and having immense fun doing so. Brian always answered any question, concisely & clear. Even the most novice of questions. I would always end up knowing what I wanted, but with the added bonus of walking away laughing my head off. He showed how to be fast with the camera knowing what settings I needed in situations on the street, fast moving and awkward lighting, as well as artistic techniques, I didn’t know existed. He got us access to places we wouldn’t have got if he wasn’t there. We would have missed perfect photo opportunities.

Around the dinner table in the evenings and  during the hours, traveling across the incredible terrain, from one destination to another, Brian brought us, the clients all together. We would spend our time in camera conversation, deep humane chats and more than ever laughing at Brian’s stories, his close shaves with the grim reaper and other surreal adventures. . There was never an awkward moment in his company , right from the start. Looking back now,at home,  I realize how hard it must be to arrange and deal with all the different characters that attend these workshops, especially in a place like Tibet, where there are strong rules and regulations, altitude issues and a huge difference in cultures. Brian and his partner Jamin, have created a life changing experience for people, on a life itself level and a photography level. Incredible for men at such a young age. I will never forgot those 18 days, no matter where I go to next.

– Simon Siggs – London, England
2011 Lhasa, Everest, Kathmandu Overland Workshop




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