Responses to flash based portfolios

As part of the survey I asked  people to answer a few questions in long form.  Here are the responses we got.

If you have an opinion, could you let us know what you like or dislike about Flash-Based websites

“They don’t work on idevices, and they take time to load.”

“Having music autoplay is the biggest turnoff, especially since I’m usually already listening to my own music. Also, no flash on iPad is a big deal.”

“Loading speed is my only real dislike.”

“useless on an ipad which is a real issue”

“Difficult to generalise. I don’t mind Flash when I’m on my PC, but I also use an iPad a lot, and, well…”

“Between mobile devise use, and issues with slow internet speeds in general, Flash-Based sites are usually a big turn-off. It’s not necessarily the aesthetic, but more the user experience, which some designers blithely disregard with the assumption that we ALL have modern internet. Punks.”

“Horrible user interface design, splash pages, and forms. I think those are some of the week points of flash websites.”

“They are generally pretty, but a pain in the arse, because my computers at work and at home are generally shit slow and cluttered.”

“Most take far too long to load to no advantage over other ways of presenting the same material.”

“It is a dead format”

“Hate that they are incompatible with iPhone/iPad”

“I like how Flash can give a website a break from the same thing you see everywhere; however, I don’t like how it could be achieved just as well, if not better, using different web languages that result in a more universal experience (cross-platform).”

“Wish more mobile devices supported Flash”

“I’m not anti-flash, but they need to be done right. Leave some control to the viewer and streamline them as much as possible. Attention spans are short today and more so on the web where a spinning-wheel or creeping-line will lose the visitor. I also think that the lack of Flash on iOS devices no matter the reason is a major negative (at least in the US where they are quite popular).”

“I love how flash presents photographs. Flash design is much more dynamic vs. HTML’s static look. However, when connection speed is not optimal I sometimes will leave a flash site because I don’t feel like waiting.”

“Flash-Based websites are currently not reaching the iPhone iPad audience. At least not without some translator site which barely works. “

“Flash is only awesome if you’re a gamer. I am not a gamer. I am a creative and a business owner. Thus, anyone in my field who uses such disastrous software gets an “oh, dear God, please no!” from me. Keep in mind, I used to develop websites in Flash only from 2000-2006. Since then, Flash has become like that tick you just can’t get rid of.”

“Rarely can an element be achieved with something better like javascript, and rarely do flash “designers” restrain themeslevs from going over the top and adding in too much “fluff”. I am most impressed by websites that act like a flash site, but i discover are not. (usually using javascript)”

“Since Flash is not compatible with my mobile devices (Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), I tend to dislike Flash-based sites more than others. That’s not necessarily justifiable for everyone, but it is hindering.”

“I hate the overhead on the system because it has to load flash. That the rest of my computer should be slowed down because a website needs to look pretty in flash is generally a sad thing.”

“Flash has the ability to add interactivity to websites. The problem comes in the programming side – most flash based websites represent the cold war of programming languages – everybody thinks they know what is happening and they try to follow defined style guidelines but action script serves as a large country with many fragments that will eventually fall like the USSR due the the multiple means to an end that programmers use. This causes longer load times and more errors when editing the website later down the road.”

“I really don’t feel strongly about it other than lack of access on Apple products”

“Won’t load on my iphone. Loading times. Seems dated.”

“I dislike that it doesn’t scale well to different resolutions. I do like that it SHOULD look the same on any browser.”

“In my opinion, if Flash is done well, it can be engaging. If it’s poorly executed or slow, it’s immediately time to leave. I can’t stand sites that don’t offer a mobile solution.”

“I don’t blame it all on flash as a platform.. but the developers and “want to be” developers that have plagued the interent with junky, overloaded sites.”

“Ironically, I use a Flash-based gallery on my own website and can’t view it on my iPad or iPhone. I like it when I can view it but it’s frustrating when I move to another platform and either it can’t be viewed or there is a mobile-specific link. That mobile-specific link sometimes feel inferior to the Flash experience. I guess you could say I have a love-hate relationship with Flash-based websites.”

“Biggest frustration is not being able to show something to someone on an iPhone or iPad that’s flash based. Just frustrating. Not photo base, but restaurants are potentially the most frustrating. If I’m looking for a restaurant, its likely I’m not at a computer, and all I want is the address, and the hours and maybe a menu. If that’s behind a flash wall, useless. Connecting that to a photo portfolio, if someone can’t see it on a mobile device you’re probably frustrating someone with your work. Not a good way to start a future conversation.”

“I enjoy flash content, thus mobile options are a problem considering I rely so heavily on my mobile device. Although with the popularity of said devices, most websites I visit have a mobile option, so the issue is minimal.”