I’ve gotten so many emails in the last few months asking if Plateau Photo Tours has on tap.  I’m excited to reveal another one of our headline tours for 2012 – our 2012 Storytellers workshop

Jerod Foster and myself couldn’t be more excited to announce our first Storytellers workshop.  Jerod and I have been able to develop a close friendship over the last few years, so we were excited when the opportunity to co-lead a workshop presented itself — especially over a topic that we are both passionate about — Storytelling. This workshop coincides with the release of Jerod’s new and amazing book – Storytellers.

Per usually with Plateau Photo Tours, we are excited to bring along some really great sponsors.  For the 2012 Storytellers workshop, we are happy to have Peach Pit Press, Black Rapid Straps, and 3 Legged Thing tripods along for the ride.  This means our tour will come with some great products from all of these sponsors.  You’ll either walk home with some free swag or get the opportunity to use some of their revolutionary products for free while on the tour.

A bit more about the tour:



Covering an area the size of the state of Montana, the Amdo region of the Tibetan Plateau has everything a photographer could dream of: Beautiful, high altitude grasslands filled with grazing yaks, alpine forests and rivers, ancient Buddhist monasteries, rugged mountains and one of the world’s most fascinating cultures. Tibet is one of the few remaining places on earth that is relatively untouched by the modern world. Many nomads still live in yak wool tents like they did 1000 years ago. Amazing, once-in-a-lifetime photography opportunities will surround you each day as we explore the monastery towns of Rebkong, Labrang and Lhamo. [DDET (Click to expand…)]

This 9 day workshop will take you 350 miles overland through the heart of Amdo, one of Tibet’s three traditional provinces. The culture in Amdo is some of the best preserved in all of Tibet. We will be exploring ancient monasteries, walking ancient religious circuits, photographing lush landscapes and spending plenty of time with local Tibetan communities.

Most of the teaching in this workshop will be done on the field in an organic fashion. We will have reviews and teachings most evenings to cover events from that day and to prepare for the next. You will also have opportunities to break away from the group and to wander around each destination to find your own adventures! The group size is limited to only 10. With 2 workshop instructors, there will be plenty of time for one-on-one instruction to really take your photography to the next level. We’ve built this workshop around flexibility, community, discussion, freedom and your ability to learn what you want from the instructors while also having the opportunity to photograph what you want.[/DDET]


Cultural and travel photography involves much more than catching a flight to a faraway destination and simply taking the camera out of the bag. Instead, it begs us to immerse ourselves in and tell the story of a place, a people, and a way of life with those tools we bring to the table. Story is what the entire world revolves around, it is the substance upon which societies are built, and it is the gateway to exploring and consciously learning about others. [DDET (Click to expand…)]

During this culturally compelling photography tour, we’ll have the opportunity to establish a storytelling foundation and build upon our abilities as photographers to create meaning-filled images that truly speak about and to others. Throughout the tour, we’ll touch on photographic issues such as compelling composition, image dynamics, constructing and shooting along visual themes, and the role light plays in conveying emotions and visual subtleties to the viewer, as well as cultural entrée and engagement topics that will help facilitate photographing in a new place and among new people. All of this will be developed from a storytelling perspective, as opposed to a simply snapshot position. We’ll also develop storytelling technical workflows and use them to create visual narratives of one of the most beautiful and culturally rich areas of the world.

The tour will be both intensely photographic and educational, the field will serve as our learning environment, and organic discussions and critique sessions will be held as a coming-together of visual minds most evenings. The goal of the tour (and the tour hosts) is to provide each participant as much freedom as possible in their photography while also offering professional and constructive guidance from a travel and cultural photography perspective.[/DDET]


In the gallery below are images and scenes from the areas we will be visiting on the 2012 Storyteller Workshop:
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